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Flexible en varios sectores laborales - el instrumento de planificación laboral y desarrollo intelectual

17257 Torroella de Montgri Casa de Formación: Carrer Gavarres 8 - 17136 Albons - Tel: 629 38 98 20
If your think your CV and/or specialities are suitable for working in Belgium, you can join our Marketing program
The service we provide is:  1. Streamline your CV highlighting your specialities  2. Translating your CV in Dutch if necessary  3. Presenting your CV to employers  4. Talking to the interesting employers to meet requirements 5. Adapting official documents if required  6. Assisting you with job interviews, both skype and in person  7. Organizing your admittance to our Dutch language course, if required  8. Assisting in all administration needs once a contract is signed 9. Assisting in relocation. 10. Follow up of the working situation  11. Assisting in replacement if needed. All these service are free of charge for you (except, housing facilities during the language course, if needed).  In return, we require:  - Exclusive representation in Belgium for your CV, during 1 year.  - If you take a job, presented by us, that the job contract is handled by our service.  - Working as a Spanish autonomo if needed. So, to be clear:   - If a job is presented to you: you are free to choose whether to accept it or not.  - The only obligation you have is working with us during the process, which is fair, considering all the work we have put in. 
Marketing Program